"A Murder of Crows" is a song in Ghost of a Tale. It is a satirical song, asserting that the group name for each kind of creature accurately reflects their true nature.

Lyrics Edit

I’ve found the true nature of creatures is shown,
In the names by which each is collectively known.
I’ve had Tidings of Magpies and seen Murders of Crows,
Smelled a Surfeit of Skunks with a peg on my nose,
Met a Mischief of Mice who were masters of prose,
And a Sneaking of Weasels, who were light on their toes.
But the rats are the worst, as well everyone knows
‘Cause a gathering of rats is a Plague, as it goes!
And now that’s off my chest I have this to propose
That they’re creatures of whom I suggest we dispose!

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