Green Flame

It's a dangerous world out there for a little mouse...

For those who have not completed Ghost of a Tale, this page or section may contain spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Green Flame

Ghost of a Tale is an upcoming independently developed video game for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It is set in a dark medieval fantasy world where players control a mouse named Tilo, who must travel through dangerous lands to uncover mysteries of the past.

Gameplay Edit

The game is mostly stealth-based; Tilo can run around and hide in various objects in order to avoid detection from enemies. Combat is limited; for example, some items can be found and used to knock out Rat Guards. For the most part, however, the game is traversed through stealth.

The game operates on a quest system, where Tilo will receive story quests and optional quests to progress through the game. Some of these quests involve finding various items, some of which reward Tilo with disguises and new skills.

Story Edit

The game takes place in a medieval fantasy world populated by several species of animals. Prior to the game's story, an event called the War of the Green Flame took place, in which many of the animal kingdoms were wiped out by the Green Flame and its undead army. The Mice tried to make peace with it by revealing the weaknesses of the other kingdoms, but were decimated regardless. The Rats eventually made their stand on the island of Periclave, extinguishing the Green Flame and winning the war. Because of their treachery, the Mice lost their seat on the Council of Asper, and the Rats have since taken over most of the world as the major political and military power.

The game begins with a minstrel Mouse named Tilo waking up in Dwindling Heights Keep after being knocked unconscious in the presence of Baron Osdrik. He begins searching for his wife, Merra, and escapes his cell after receiving a Mysterious Message. He travels through the keep, avoiding the Rat Guards, until he comes to the roof, where he meets the Signal Rat, Silas, who had sent him the message. Silas agrees to help Tilo find Merra, if the Mouse will help him find a chest of mysterious coins in the labyrinth beneath the keep.

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