The Song Book is a book in Ghost of a Tale. Tilo has it in his possession as soon as he wakes up in his cell in the jail of Dwindling Heights Keep.

Songs Edit

  • "The Maiden Wouldn't Sing": The tale of a minstrel and a maiden, imprisoned by a cruel baron for refusing to perform.
  • "The Ballad of the Coward King": A lay recounting the final days of the reign of King Rodrik the Third – the last King of the Rats – who fled his Kingdom on the eve of a great battle, and was never seen again.
  • "A Murder of Crows": A satirical lay – popular among Mice living under the rule of the Red Paw – asserting the theory that the group name for each kind of creature accurately reflects their true nature.
  • "Heaven in a Bottle": A drinking shanty, popular with rogues and pirates. Responsible for the death of more pirates than the gallows.
  • "The Poisoned Cup": A lay that recounts the shameful actions of Mice during the War of the Green Flame.
  • "The Rat with Two Tails": A raucous lay, recounting the misadventures of an over-endowed Rat, in search of pleasure.

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