"The Rat with Two Tails" is a song in Ghost of a Tale. It is a raucous song recounting an encounter between the eponymous two-tailed Rat and Arianne, a Badger Queen, on her way to Jaccourd.

Lyrics Edit

An Imperial Galleon set course for Jaccourd
With Queen Arianne of the Badgers aboard.
When two days from port in a terrible storm
Its mast broke in half and the missen was torn.
But her vessel was saved by the Rat with Two Tails
Who topped them from running aground on the shales
By hoisting her majesty’s knickers for sails!
The Rat with two Tails, Oh! The Rat with Two Tails
He saved Arianne from those terrible gales
He may not be a badger, but he’s certainly male
And she’d not known true love ‘til the Rat with Two Tails.

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